Classroom Teacher

KIPP Chicago Schools is a local network of 7 charter schools that are part of the nationally renowned Knowledge Is Power Program (KIPP). Our schools are completely free, and there are no requirements for enrollment except residency in the city of Chicago. Students and families choose to enroll in our schools because they perceive them as the highest quality option in their neighborhoods. Currently, we serve 2,000 students in grades K – 8 across 7 campuses. Our mission is to empower those students with character and academic skills necessary to succeed in top-quality high schools and universities, to be happy in the competitive world, and to have a positive impact on their communities. 91% of our students are African-American and 8% Latinx; 94% qualify for free and reduced-price lunch; and, 16% are identified as diverse learners. In Chicago our campuses are located on the south and west sides of the city in communities broadly referred to as “low income.” KIPP Chicago alumni from these communities graduate high school at a rate of 90%, matriculate to college at a rate of 87%, and earn a four-year degree at a rate of 44%, compared to national averages of 72%, 45%, and 8%, for “low income” students. In addition to rigorous instruction in our K – 8 classrooms, our students receive continued support in high school and college through our KIPP Through College program and counselors.