Physical Education & Social Studies Long Term Sub – St. Malachy

  • Philadelphia
  • Posted 10 months ago
  • This position has been filled

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Reimagining Catholic Education


Independence Mission Schools is looking for candidates who have a commitment to our mission, a growth mindset for themselves and students, experience in differentiating instruction based on comprehensive data analysis in order to meet each student’s needs, and a desire to work in a collaborative setting as an educational leader.


St. Malachy is located in North Philadelphia is in need of a full-time long-term substitute in Physical Education, Health, and 5th Grade Social Studies.  PE and Health responsibilities include organizing games, challenges, and lessons that promote physical activity among children from pre-kindergarten through 8th Grade.  5th Grade Social Studies responsibilities include planning and implementing lessons for one class of fifth graders per day.  Candidate should have a strong understanding of evidence-based age-appropriate curriculum and instructional strategies, enthusiasm for innovative practices, willingness to participate as an active member of a multi-disciplinary team, and possess the ability to adapt activities in order to incorporate the diverse strengths of students.


The successful candidate will be a meticulous planner and dedicated individual whose objectives adhere to the Common Core State Standards (CCSS), whose learning activities include the integration of 21st century technology and data-driven instruction using pedagogy that employs evidence-based best practices in the classroom.

The successful candidate should:

Demonstrate collegiality to integrate cross-curricular instruction and real-world problem solving skills
Skilled in their subject areas and be enthusiastic learners who apply skills learned through frequent subject and grade level teamwork and professional development
Model outstanding character traits according to the ethics, values, and philosophy of the Catholic teachings, and exhibit these traits through a positive classroom atmosphere
Lend their skills and interests to coaching and moderating of extra-curricular activities
Offer excellent communication and presentation skills as well as solid planning and organizational skills

Successful candidates must be able to clear all background checks as listed on Careers Page.

Bachelor Degree required; Pennsylvania Instructional Certificate appropriate content area preferred.


Applicants with a desire to work in an urban school setting are highly encouraged to apply.


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